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Drive Payer Conversion With New API

August 13, 2012ByPratap Prabhu

Many developers have implemented Payer Promotion and have seen increased payer conversion and revenue. Today, we're launching a new API that tells you whether a person is eligible for the offer.

Payer Promotion is subsidized by Facebook and allows you to offer certain people a discount on your game's virtual currency, such as $3 of value for free. Previously, you could only offer this promotion in your game through a DealSpot unit. With the API, you can determine who is eligible for the promotion, and then create your own custom unit to showcase the offer.

Creating a custom unit allows you to show the offer at the right time and with the right context to increase conversion. For example, if a player needs to upgrade his or her command center before going into battle, you can show the offer and provide an extra incentive for a free upgrade, further encouraging that player to accept. KIXEYE created a custom unit for the promotion and has grown payer conversion 18% overall and seen a 8% lift in revenue in War Commander since implementing the feature.

Read our documentation to learn more about how to use the new API and implement Payer Promotion in your app.