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Developer Spotlight: Stitcher

August 8, 2012BySid Murlidhar

Stitcher is a mobile app that enables people to discover the podcasts their friends are listening to and share their favorite selections. People can also receive recommendations for new radio shows based on their listening activity.

Stitcher uses Login with Facebook, so people can easily find the content their friends are sharing, whether on iPhone, iPad, or Android.


  • Share more. Stitcher increased the amount of content listeners share with their friends by 80x since launching Open Graph in February.
  • Increased installs. The number of people installing the app has increased 400% since the beginning of the year. Over 30% of new users sign in with Facebook.
  • Stay longer. Listeners with Facebook friends generally listen to 40% more content than other listeners. Listeners with 5 or more Facebook friends on Stitcher are 20% more likely to be retained than users not connected via Facebook. They listen to nearly 3x as much on average in their first month.

“Our goal is to make talk radio more accessible than ever,” said Noah Shanok, CEO of Stitcher . “The Facebook integration helps listeners everywhere discover great new content.”

What Stitcher does well

  • Deep linking. Stitcher takes people from Facebook directly to the content they want to listen to in one-click on both web and mobile. This engages users and encourages them to share content they discover in News Feed and Timeline. On mobile, if a person does not have the app, they will be directed to the appropriate place to download the native Stitcher app.
  • Personalization and Identity. Stitcher uses personalized activity feeds to show what people’s friends are listening to help social discovery. Because Stitcher includes rich metadata with each show, the app’s Timeline aggregations provide a detailed view of the content users listen to.