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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

July 25, 2012ByNoorin Ladhani

Since last Wednesday's update, we published a game spotlight on War Commander and shared New Marketing Tools for Pages.

Presenting Like Buttons and Stories to the Right Audience

We're updating the way you restrict the audience for the Like button and resulting stories to give you more control.

Currently when you point a Like button at a URL with the proper metatags we create an admin page through which you can establish the same age gating controls that are available to Facebook Pages. These controls prevent us from rendering the Like button and presenting the resulting story back to the wrong audience. For example, this functionality allows a beer company to avoid presenting a Like button or Like stories to people who are not allowed to see alcohol-related content.

Going forward, in order to limit the distribution of these stories to people in the appropriate country or age group, you must include a metatag on your URLs indicating the restriction. Please review our documentation on how to do this.

If you previously used the Like button and an admin Page as a way to gather and publish to fans, you will no longer be able to. Instead, you should create a Facebook Page and update your Like button to point to that page. People who select the Like button on your URL will then become fans of this Page and are eligible to receive Page posts from you.

You must implement metatags on your URLs in the next 90 days in order to continue age restricting the Like button on and post from your app. We have updated the Platform Roadmap to reflect this change. To help you make this change, we are launching a migration setting in the dev app. To learn more about how to use it, please read the following developer doc about the Like Button Migration.

App Center Global Rollout Underway

Today we launched the App Center to users in Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey. People in these countries will see the App Center bookmark in the left navigation menu on and in our iOS and Android apps.

We plan to quickly continue the global rollout to make the App Center available to users everywhere. You can translate your app detail page using the new Localize tab in the App Dashboard

Facebook SDK 3.0 Beta for iOS

We have released an updated version of our SDK beta that contains bug fixes and improvements. This version also adds iOS 6 integration support for the latest iOS 6 developer seed, iOS 6 beta 3, from Apple. Download the latest version here or see the changelog here.

Next week's breaking changes

Several breaking changes will be going into effect next week on Wednesday, August 1st. Please review this list of changes to ensure your app is up to date and will continue working after we make these changes next week.

Changes without migrations

  • Disabling FB.Canvas.setAutoResize - Originally scheduled for January 1, 2011
  • Page Post GETs from Graph API/FQL will require an Access Token

Changes in "August 2012 Breaking Changes" migration

  • Removing prompt_permissions.php and prompt_feed.php
  • Removing Add To Timeline Plugin

October 2012 migration now available

The "October 2012 Breaking Changes" migration is now available for you to test your apps to see if they will be affected by the breaking changes happening on October 3rd, 2012. Check out the Developer Roadmap for more information on what changes are included in the migration.

Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between Wednesday, July 18th and Wednesday, July 25th.

Bugs activity

  • 204 bugs were reported
  • 55 bugs were reproducible and accepted (after duplicates removed)
  • 7 bugs were by design
  • 29 bugs were fixed
  • 69 bugs were duplicate, invalid, or need more information

Bugs fixed

Activity on

  • 449 questions asked
  • 344 questions with a score of 0 or greater
  • 120 answered, 35% answered rate
  • 184 replied, 53% reply rate