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Game Spotlight: SongPop

July 13, 2012ByJulien Codorniou

SongPop is a music recognition game by FreshPlanet where people challenge their friends to identify songs and artists. It uses Login with Facebook, so people can play with friends, no matter if they use the app on, iPhone, iPad, or Android.

SongPop is one of the fastest growing and top rated apps in the App Center. Its use of Facebook has helped it increase mobile installs, which drove its rank as the #1 app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play in countries around the world.


  • Installs and engagement. In less than 6 weeks, SongPop has grown from 5k to over 7M monthly active users. More than 2M people play SongPop every day.
  • Broad reach. Open Graph activity drove 20M clicks to SongPop from News Feed, Ticker and Timeline in the last month.
  • Usage on both desktop and mobile. Over 60% of people play it on, and 65% of the mobile users also login with Facebook. In the last month, Facebook users on their mobile devices have clicked through to SongPop over 6M times.

What SongPop does well

  • Friendly competition. Challenging friends is a core part of the SongPop experience. People login with Facebook to find friends to play against and send Requests to notify those people when it’s their turn.

  • Compelling stories. SongPop uses the Open Graph to make it easy for players to share activity and help their friends discover music. The app publishes a variety of meaningful actions like “guessed,” “won,” and “achieved,” which help it grow quickly through News Feed, Ticker and Timeline. These actions are central to the game play, they’re things people are happy to show off on their timeline, and they’re interesting to those people’s friends.

  • A unified experience everywhere. The experience is seamless and consistent for users, as Login, Requests and the Open Graph all work the same way across mobile and desktop.

  • Capturing mobile installs. To drive installs for its mobile apps, SongPop has enabled deep linking in its iOS and Android apps. When people access Facebook on their mobile device, all links to SongPop point to their mobile app. If someone clicks the link but hasn’t yet installed SongPop on their mobile device, they’ll be sent to the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the app.

  • Integrating premium features. SongPop upsells users to a premium experience by giving them a fixed number of uses for free. This helps people understand the value of their premium features. To monetize, SongPop’s integrated Facebook Payments on canvas, In-App Purchases on iOS, and In-App Billing on Android.