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Toronto HACK Winners

June 18, 2012ByBear Douglas

Over 120 developers joined us last Saturday for our first HACK in Toronto. We presented information on our developer tools and APIs. Attendees shared ideas and brainstormed before splitting into teams. Six hours of hacking later, we paused for dinner and socializing before the demos and awards.

While there were many great submissions, the winners are:

  • Best Social Game: Marble Solitaire
    Marble Solitaire, a game for iOS, combined a sleek UI with easy sharing that encourages people to invite their friends to play and post about their scores.

  • Best Desktop App: Slideshow
    Slideshow analyzes photos posted on Facebook for likes and comments, and selects the most popular for a slideshow that can be saved as a desktop screensaver.

  • Best Open Graph Integration: Winespotting
    Winespotting is a mobile app that uses Open Graph to let people share stories about wines they're tasting. Users can take photos of what they're drinking, and automatically pull information about the wine and its rating to include in the story.

  • Best Mobile App: Peer Pressure
    Peer Pressure is a social to-dos app that lets people create social consequences for not finishing important tasks. If tasks are left undone, the app posts a story to the user's timeline, prompting their friends to encourage or shame them.

It's exciting to see how the community is building awesome apps with our tools and APIs. We had a great time meeting hackers of all kinds, some who came with their app ideas fully formed, and others who simply wanted to learn from people around them.

We'll be out and about at more hacks in the near future, so stay tuned, and we hope you'll join us soon!