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Helping Monetize The Mobile Web

June 6, 2012ByJessie Xu

Game developers building on the mobile web have been able to use Facebook Payments to monetize their apps for some time. A full list of supported countries can be found here.

However, this flow for mobile payments can be long, with a total of up to seven steps, including SMS verification. At Mobile World Congress this year we announced an improved mobile payments flow for mobile web apps. Today we are starting to roll it out. This low friction (two steps) carrier billing is now available on the majority of carriers in the US and the UK and will be rolled out to additional operators worldwide.

The payment flow is simple. Users who want to pay for a virtual or digital good in a mobile web app open the payment dialog and confirm their purchase. This payment flow requires no typing and looks like this:

Step 1: Offer and Pricing Step 2: Confirmation

Developers who already integrated Facebook Payments on the mobile web don’t need to do anything to benefit from this new flow. Mobile web developers interested in adding Facebook Payments to their mobile website can integrate through our payments API. Instructions and tips can be found here. To see the new payment flow in action, check out SkyScraper City on