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Join the Facebook Platform team at Over The Air

May 23, 2012BySimon Cross

On Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd June 2012, 600 mobile developers and designers will converge on Bletchley Park - home of the British wartime efforts to break the Enigma and Lorenz codes - for Over The Air 2012, a chance to meet, learn, and hack on the latest mobile platforms and technologies.

The Facebook team will be there help teams who want to take on the Facebook Open Graph Challenge - to build the best mobile, social Open Graph app in 24 hours. Each winner will receive a Samsung Galaxy SII.

We'll also be giving two talks. The first is an introduction to Open Graph and will show you how to build an end-to-end Open Graph Mobile app in 60 minutes. The second is a look into how we build Facebook itself, our tools and processes that allow us to ship thousands of lines of code to over 900 million people every day.

Over The Air is a free event, but you'll need to register via Eventbrite to attend. If you're interested in hacking on the Facebook Open Graph Challenge or have questions or other ideas you want to hack on, join our Over the Air Facebook group. The Facebook team will be hanging out in the group before, during and after the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!