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Get to Know Your Unique Users

May 23, 2012ByCalvin Grunewald

In Insights, we have now added the ability to monitor the number of unique people seeing and accepting your authorization dialog. You can also track the number of unique users publishing stories through Open Graph, viewing those stories, and clicking on those stories. These updates provide more insight into user behavior to help you build a more effective Auth Dialog and better Open Graph integration for your app.

Unique Users: Open Graph

Insights has been providing developers with information about the number of stories published from their apps, the different channels used and their associated click through rates. However, it has not indicated how many individual users performed the above actions, meaning that the numbers would have looked the same if one user published 20 stories, or if 20 users each published one story.

This additional level of detail helps you better understand the level of engagement of your users enabling you to make informed decisions to further improve Open Graph integration. The new dashboard supports monitoring unique user information across a 30-day window as shown below.

Furthermore, if your date range is restricted to a single day, the funnel at the top of the Open Graph overview dashboard now includes unique user information:

Unique Users: Auth Dialog

Similarly, Insights has been providing charts that show how many times people accessed your authorization dialog, and the total number of acceptances. Now, the Installs dashboard also shows the number of unique user views, acceptances, and the associated conversion rate as well.

If your authorization dialog prompts users for different permission sets, you’ll also see a breakdown of the impressions, accepts and CTR for each one. These charts show you the rates at which people accept and reject different permission sets. This update will enable you to identify the most optimal permission set for your authorization dialog, which will directly help increase user installs for your app.

To get started, visit your Insights dashboard now to see the new information.