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Developer Spotlight: Endomondo

May 10, 2012ByBryant Lee

Endomondo is a mobile and web app where people can track and share their workouts – including running, biking, cycling and hiking - with friends.

What Endomondo Does Well

Endomondo uses single sign-on for Android and iOS to streamline the registration process, so that a user does not need to create a new username and password.

Endomondo uses location (GeoPoints on the workout object) to display workout routes, which appear as rich maps on a user's timeline. The app also calculates and shows workout metrics – including total distance, average speed and calories burnt – to create more interesting stories.
Endomondo associates a sport object – such as running, biking, cycling and hiking – with each workout, allowing them to determine a user's last workout and top sports.
Endomondo provides a simple control to manage sharing to Facebook.
Endomondo complements its mobile app with a desktop web app where users can analyze their own workout statistics.

Through the Endomondo activity feed, users can find friends who recently joined and follow their workouts, which starts conversations and encourages sharing.

Implementation Profile

Actions - Objects
  • Track – Workout:
    "Bryant Lee tracked a workout"
  • Last Workout
  • Top Sports

Since launching with Open Graph in March, Endomondo has seen traffic from Facebook increase by more than 75% and the number of workouts shared daily on Facebook grow by over 150%.