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Growth and Mobile Apps

May 1, 2012ByJonathan Matus

In February, we announced early data points about the traffic that Facebook was delivering to mobile apps and games. Over the past two month, the traffic we drive to mobile apps continues to rapidly grow:

  • Facebook sent more than 160 million visitors last month to mobile apps (up from 60 million in late February).
  • These mobile visitors were responsible for more than 1.1 billion visits to mobile apps in the same time frame (up from 320 million in late February).
  • Seven of the top ten grossing iOS apps and six of the top ten grossing Android apps are integrated with Facebook.

As mentioned in previoushighlights, features like Single Sign On and Open Graph increase installs, usage, and re-engagement for mobile apps, regardless of whether they are built for iOS, Android or the mobile web.

Here are a few examples of mobile apps finding success using Facebook to drive growth:


The social professional network BranchOut has grown from 1 million monthly active users to over 12.5 million monthly active users 12 weeks after releasing their Facebook integrated mobile web app. Over 18 million people visited BranchOut from Facebook in the past 28 days.

Personalized professional profile
Connect professionally with friends


Viddy's iOS app gives people a simple way to capture, beautify, and share videos with their iPhone. Since integrating with Facebook and launching their Open Graph actions, Viddy's community has grown to over 16 million registered users.

    Single Sign on with Facebook                                                                                                            Follow Facebook friends


The popular movie review and info mobile web app, Flixster has grown the number of visitors from Facebook 10x to over 480,000 daily in the past 4 weeks . These visitors generated a total of 15 million visits in the same period.

    Single Sign on with Facebook                                                                                                  Invite friends with Facebook requests

To learn more about growing your app with Facebook, check out our mobile Getting Started Guide. To learn about Open Graph check out our Best Practices section. To keep up with the latest from Facebook for mobile developers, please Like our Mobile Platform Developers Page.