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Developer Spotlight: Cities I've Visited

March 29, 2012ByWill Liu

TripAdvisor’s Cities I've Visited is a social travel app that allows people to share the places they’ve been with their friends and family. People can create a travel map, pin cities and rate places they have visited.

TripAdvisor was an early adopter of the Facebook Platform, launching the Cities I've Visited app in 2007. After nearly five years, Cities I've Visited continues to be one of the most used apps on Facebook. In January, TripAdvisor relaunched Cities I’ve Visited with Open Graph to allow users to share the cities they've visited and their favorite places on timeline.

What Cities I've Visited Does Well
Cities I’ve Visited maps the frequent interactions people take – pinning a city and rating a place – to Open Graph actions to maximize the number of stories people publish. For new and existing users, Cities I’ve Visited encourages pinning cities and rating places to maximize sharing and generate stories.

Cities I’ve Visited uses custom properties - such as location - to create interesting timeline aggregations like "Total Distance Traveled" and "Percent of World Visited."

Finally, Cities I’ve Visited accelerated the adoption of the app by launching a targeted ads and sponsored stories campaign on Facebook.

Implementation Profile

Actions - Objects
  • Pin – City / Place:
    "Jeremy Downs pinned a city"
  • Updated – Map:
    Malorie Lucich updated a travel map"
  • Want to go to – City / Place:
    "Austin Haugen wants to go to a city"
  • Favorite – City / Place:
    "Dhiren Patel favorited a city"
  • Rate – City / Place:
    "Bryant Lee rated a place"
  • Travel Map
  • Total Distance Traveled
  • Percent of World Visited
  • Furthest Cities Visited
  • Pinned Cities
  • Favorite Cities
  • Cities I Want to Visit
  • Rated Places

Since launching with Open Graph, TripAdvisor's Cities I've Visited has seen the number of monthly active users increase by 10X through the combination of Open Graph activity in news feed, timeline and a targeted advertising campaign.