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Facebook-Sponsored Payer Promotions

March 22, 2012ByPratap Prabhu

We're constantly looking for new ways to help developers monetize more effectively on Facebook. One of the more recent steps we've taken is to launch Payer Promotions to help developers convert game players into paying users.

Payer Promotions are offers that encourage game players to make a purchase using their credit card or PayPal account. These offers are sponsored by Facebook, and early data shows that about 20% of the users who make that first-time purchase come back to spend more within a month.

Starting today, developers can place these offers inside their games by using a new DealSpot unit that is dedicated to Payer Promotions.

Payer Promotion Flow

A customer sees an in-game icon promoting the offer. The customer clicks the icon and an offer overlay appears. For example, people could receive an offer for $3 worth of your in-app currency for free.

To get the most from this promotion, we recommend implementing in-app currency offers. This will ensure that the free value is redeemed by the user in your in-app currency. If you have not implemented in-app currency offers in your application, the user will redeem the free value in Facebook Credits.

Once the user clicks 'Get it now', Facebook’s payment flow opens in a new tab, allowing the user to easily make the payment and complete the offer.

Implementing Payer Promotions

a) Payer Promotions already available with DealSpot

If you already have DealSpot running in your game, then the Payer Promotion is already available and prominently displayed to eligible users.

b) Payer Promotion only DealSpot

We recommend creating a dedicated placement in your game to highlight this promotion. To do this, load DealSpot via the following URL which is further documented with examples here.     app_id=&mode=fbpayments&sid=&currency_url=&touchpoint=9

To ensure that the free value is redeemed by the user in your in-app currency, you must specify your in-app currency object instance in the currency_url parameter when invoking DealSpot and update the payment_status_update callback.

For further details refer to our documentation here. Please provide feedback and thoughts in the comments below.