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Updated Open Graph Submissions Flow

March 6, 2012ByAlan McConnell

This week, we updated the Dev App to have more checks up front to prevent incomplete Open Graph submissions. To prepare for submitting your actions, please review the checklist.

When ready to make your action active for all users, click the Submit link next to the action in the Dev App.

The first step requires you to outline concise, step-by-step usage instructions to trigger the action. Provide the necessary information (including URLs to staged apps, login details, navigation steps, button/link clicks, etc.) in English for our team of reviewers to reproduce the actions in your app.

If your action uses the following optional properties (e.g., user message, tagging, user photos), validate that you meet the requirements outlined in the documentation and submit detailed reproduction steps prior to submission. Please note that action properties require a more detailed evaluation that may result in longer review times.

The final step lets you to review your submission. After submitting your approval, you can continue to track the status of your submissions in the Open Graph Dashboard in the Dev App. An email and notification is sent if there are any changes to the action status.

If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know in the comments below.