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Open Graph Submissions Update

February 23, 2012ByMonica Mosseri

As of today, over 90% of the thousands of Open Graph submissions we have received since f8 have been fully reviewed and responded to. The remainder is on track to be completed within the next few weeks.

To best prepare for approval, please make sure your app complies with the Open Graph Checklist. This applies to those that are pending as well as those that have received a response to resubmit. To streamline the review of your submission, here are a few areas to pay attention to:

  • Outline concise, step-by-step usage instructions. Provide the necessary steps and information (including URLs to staged apps, login details, navigation steps, button / link clicks, etc) in English for our team of reviewers to reproduce the actions in your app.

  • Include an app logo and icon. The logo (75 x 75 pixels) and icon (16 x 16 pixels) are required to properly display your stories, aggregations and app settings.

  • Provide the required information for built-in actions or action properties. If you are using built-in actions (today these include: listen, watch and read) or action properties (e.g., user message, tagging), validate that you meet the requirements outlined in the documentation prior to submission. Please note that built-in actions and action properties require a more detailed evaluation that may result in longer review times.

  • Publish at least one action. To ensure that your action is working properly and help us understand your use case, at least one action must be published prior to submission. Please review the tutorial for more details.

Submissions that do not meet these criteria will not be approved.

We continue to make improvements to the submission process and dev tool. If you have any feedback, please enter them in the comments below.