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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

February 16, 2012ByBaris Yesugey

This week, we posted some updates for developers using Payments on Facebook Platform and Early Success Stories: Timeline Apps and Open Graph. Additionally, we invited developers to Facebook Mobile Platform Global Hacks Roadshow - Europe.

Eliminating bulk discounting of Credits from all payment flows

We are eliminating bulk discounting of Credits from all payment flows, including the Item Purchase flow and the Get More flow. We believe that this will simplify the user experience around Credits. This does not require any action from developers.

Upcoming Breaking Changes on March 1, 2012

  • Removing the third settled callback from Payments. To ensure the best experience for users, we are asking developers to ensure that they are fulfilling the order in the callback with status=placed. We assure you that once we call you with status=placed and you respond with settled, the transaction will be complete and you will be paid. You should not be waiting for the settled callback before fulfilling the order.

    To reduce confusion we are completely removing the settled callback. For more information please read here.

  • Returning up to 960px wide photos in "photo" FQL table and photo Graph API. On 1st March 2012 we will begin returning photos up to 960px wide in the src_big field of the photo FQL table, as well as the source field of the photo object, increasing the current max width of 720px.

Please refer to the Platform Roadmap for more info.

Bugs activity between Tuesday, February 7 and Tuesday, February 14

  • 262 bugs were reported
  • 39 bugs were reproducible and accepted (after duplicates removed)
  • 16 bugs were by design
  • 34 bugs were fixed
  • 82 bugs were duplicate, invalid, or need more information

Bugs fixed between Tuesday, February 7 and Tuesday, February 14

Facebook Stack Overflow Activity

Activity on this week:

  • 448 questions asked
  • 181 answered, 40% answered rate
  • 255 replied, 57% reply rate