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Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

February 10, 2012ByAustin Haugen

This week, we posted blogs on Creating Featured Stories with Action Specs and Developer Blog Subscriptions. Additionally, we invited developers to come talk to us at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco in March.

Open Graph "Read" Built-in Action Available in DevApp

This week we enabled the built-in Read action in the Open Graph Tool. Like the Watch action or any custom action, you will still have to submit this action for review before you can go live. Please check out the documentation and requirements for Built-in Action Types.

New: Best Practices

This week we published our first product guide, Guide: Complete the loop to grow your app with Open Graph." The purpose of these guides is to help product managers and developers understand the most effective ways to integrate with the Facebook Platform. Our goal is to complement our developer documentation by answering common questions and highlighting important aspects of the platform. These documents are both conceptual and tactical.

Update on the Auth Dialog Migration to 3/1/2012

Over the past few weeks, we have continued to optimize the performance of the new Auth Dialog. We previously announced that we will enable the new dialog for all apps on February 15, but we are slightly delaying the migration until we have completed our testing. At that point, we will share the updated timing on the Developer Blog and roadmap.

Upcoming Breaking Changes

Upcoming Breaking Changes on February 15, 2012

  • Pages Insights Metrics Deprecations. We are in the process of deprecating some old Page Insights. We announced this in a number of forums, but failed to outline this change in our Platform Roadmap per our breaking change policy. Our apologies. You can find a full list of the Insights to be deprecated from the Insights documentation. These Insights will be completely removed from API on Feb 15th 2012. Please make all necessary updates as soon as possible so that you can transition smoothly.

Upcoming Breaking Changes on March 1, 2012

  • Removing the third settled callback from Payments. To ensure the best experience for users, we are asking developers to ensure that they are fulfilling the order in the callback with status=placed. We assure you that once we call you with status=placed and you respond with settled, the transaction will be complete and you will be paid. You should not be waiting for the settled callback before fulfilling the order.

    To reduce confusion we are completely removing the settled callback. For more information please read here.

  • Returning up to 960px wide photos in "photo" FQL table and photo Graph API. On 1st March 2012 we will begin returning photos up to 960px wide in the src_big field of the photo FQL table, as well as the source field of the photo object, increasing the current max width of 720px.

Please refer to the Platform Roadmap for more info.

Bugs activity between Tuesday, January 31 and Tuesday, February 7

  • 9 bugs were reported
  • 29 bugs were reproducible and accepted (after duplicates removed)
  • 12 bugs were by design
  • 28 bugs were fixed
  • 33 bugs were duplicate, invalid, or need more information

Bugs fixed between Tuesday, January 31 and Tuesday, February 7

Facebook Stack Overflow Activity

Activity on this week:

  • 238 questions asked
  • 78 answered, 33% answered rate
  • 120 replied, 50% reply rate