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DEMO to Stream Facebook Live Feed with Facebook Connect Online and Onstage

February 27, 2009ByDave Morin

Beginning on March 2, Facebook users across the Web will have the opportunity to participate in DEMO 09 with Facebook's Live Feed technology, and comment on the latest class of companies selected to launch their new products on the DEMO stage.

Powered by Facebook Connect, the DEMO site will stream live content from the DEMObeat sessions alongside a feed of status updates from your friends and those watching around the Web. Users will also be able to update their Facebook statuses from the DEMO site and send updates back to Facebook. Tune into the broadcast beginning on Monday at 8:30 AM PST at

For nearly twenty years, DEMO has been a launchpad for emerging innovation and earned a reputation for consistently identifying technologies that will disrupt current markets and invent industries. In addition to making the DEMO experience more social for those online, the event will also feature a Facebook Live Feed stream onsite at the DEMO ballroom in Palm Desert, CA.

Whether technology fans will be at the event or keeping up with it online, everyone is welcome to watch and comment on the DEMObeat sessions, which will be hosted by new Co-Executive Producer Matt Marshall, CEO of VentureBeat. I’ll be speaking on a panel that will tackle the issue of how social data sharing will change lives and business. This panel, as well as discussions around new tools achieving energy efficiency and productivity, will begin streaming live on Tuesday at 2:00 PM PST.

In less than three months since Facebook Connect launched, over 6,000 Websites have implemented the service. We're excited to see DEMO integrating with Facebook, and we look forward to compelling conversations around the top trends and latest topics in high technology.

Dave looks forward to seeing his friends at DEMO and on Facebook.