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Platform Live Status -- It's What's Up

October 29, 2009ByNiket Biswas

Building a growing, thriving application can be challenging. Building that application on an innovative Platform that's releasing new features, deprecating old APIs, and occasionally has bugs can occasionally make it even more challenging.

At Facebook, we want every developer, big and small, to have fast access to important information regarding Facebook Platform. Yesterday we released our Developer Roadmap to give you more predictability and better insight into what we're working on over the next two quarters. Today we're releasing Platform Live Status, a tool that will serve as a destination for the latest information about Facebook Platform performance.

Visit the Platform Live Status page or subscribe via RSS to see the current status of Facebook Platform, recent issues, live API response time and error count, developer updates, and the top live bugs.

Niket, a software engineer on the Platform team, wants you to know what's up.

Editor's Note: 10/30/09 3:30 pm - You can also subscribe to updates via email.