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Making It Easier to Build with Facebook

October 13, 2009ByVishu Gupta

Many websites are looking for ways to integrate Facebook Connect, such as commenting using Facebook identity or showing visitors their Facebook friends' recent activity. Companies like DISQUS offer widgets to such websites, providing off-the-shelf Facebook integration with just a few clicks. Today, we're making this even easier for users to easily integrate Facebook on their websites and widgets with the launch of the Create Application API.

Every website that wants to integrate with Facebook needs an API key. The Create Application API allows widget providers to programmatically generate this API key and other necessary settings. For example, a fourth party comment system like DISQUS can now more easily enable bloggers to integrate commenting with Facebook into their blogs.

To find out how it works, read the documentation on the Developer Wiki.

We want to see a strong ecosystem of developers enabling others to make great Facebook integrations. The Create Application API makes it easier for both service providers and websites looking to make their users' experience more social with Facebook.

Vishu, a software engineer, wants you to integrate with Facebook in just two clicks.