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Announcing the Applications on Facebook Page

October 7, 2009ByAmy Karasavas

At Facebook, we’re always looking for ways to increase users’ awareness and engagement with third party applications while maintaining and improving the user experience. Earlier today, we announced the new Applications on Facebook Page to users. This Page will serve as a one-stop shop for application-related news for users: from product updates, to profiling successful developers, to articles about great applications from a variety of verticals.

The goal of this program is to empower users to learn more about your applications and bridge the gap between users and the developer community. Through educating and inspiring users about what they can expect of quality applications, and the developers behind them, we hope to increase the trust they place in your applications. We hope these efforts will improve discoverability and incite more use and engagement across all applications.

We look forward to providing developers with more opportunities to get involved as the program evolves, and always welcome your feedback in the Developer Forum.

Amy, who is on the Platform marketing team, is off to set a new record in Typing Maniac.