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Automating Functional Tests of Your Connect Implementation

September 22, 2009ByJustin Bishop

Here on the Facebook Platform Engineering team, we strive to keep Facebook Connect fast and stable, and to help you ensure that your implementations are working and bug free.

We recently began working on a suite of automated tests for some of our top partners that would confirm that Facebook Connect is always functioning. While doing this, we decided it'd be great if we could create a library that would help any Facebook Connect developer easily create automated tests for your own sites.

We've written a library on top of Watir that helps you deal with all the generic issues needed to stress test a Facebook Connect implementation. In the simplest form, you can ensure that users are always capable of Connecting with Facebook. If you have a more complex sites, you can also test that your specific Connect integrations are working correctly. Additionally, we've also included a demonstration of the library in use, functionally testing StreamDiff (download the source code), a cool Facebook Connect site built by my coworker Naitik Shah.

We've written a detailed article on our Developer Wiki that goes through a step by step process on how you can do this on your own site.

Justin, a software engineer, is testing the watir.