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Introducing Facebook Connect for Mobile Web

Over the last three years, there has been unprecedented innovation in the mobile industry, made evident by a surge of new devices and applications. As engagement with this technology grows, developers are empowered with the opportunity to create compelling experiences that transcend platforms and enable users to engage with applications wherever they are. Last March, we announced Facebook Connect for iPhone, to make it possible for iPhone developers to integrate the power of Facebook with their apps. Today, we are bringing the power of Facebook Connect to every mobile developer with Facebook Connect for Mobile Web.

Facebook Connect for Mobile Web makes mobile sites or applications on any platform more social, and will provide developers with social distribution. Users can now publish Feed stories from their phones to Facebook, and those actions will be instantly distributed to their friends through News Feed. Facebook Connect for Mobile Web has the same rich features you find on Facebook Connect websites and iPhone apps, including:

  • Making API calls so your application can access user data and integrate users' identities
  • Publishing directly to the Facebook Stream
  • Prompting users for additional permissions

For example, using just a few lines of code, Qik integrated Facebook Connect for Mobile Web with their Symbian client for Nokia smartphones, making it easy for users to connect to Qik and share with their friends from their phones.

We'll continue to work with the industry to ensure that mobile developers have access to our powerful set of tools and APIs, with which they can enable users to access Facebook wherever they are.

Michael, a product manager, wants to put all of your friends into your pocket.

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