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Improving Facebook Share

August 31, 2009ByIsaac Hellendag

Facebook Share is one of the most powerful and simple ways for users to share articles, pages, video, or Flash content from your site with their friends on Facebook. Over 1 billion pieces of content are shared each week on Facebook, and many of those are links shared using Facebook Share. Today we're rolling out a new design for the Facebook Share dialog to make it more consistent with other forms of sharing on Facebook.

The new dialog includes all of the key features of Facebook Share -- users can post a link to their profile or send it in a message to just a few friends, choose an image to include, and add a comment. We expect the new design will increase the amount of content shared as well as the traffic back to your sites.

Enabling Users to Share Content from Your Site

We offer two ways for you to implement sharing features on your site:

  • Share links with the Share button - You can add the Share button to your website with just a couple lines of code from our Share Partners page.
  • FB.Connect.streamPublish Feed form - A few weeks ago, we announced a new dialog that enables you to invite users to publish specific stories to their profiles. An example would be publishing a story like "[User] commented on this post." For more examples and documentation, please check out the Developer Wiki.

In addition, users can install the Share bookmarklet directly into their browsers.

Once you implement Facebook Share or FB.Connect.streamPublish, you might look into Facebook Connect to add even more social features to your site.