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Rendering Facebook Connect in Other Languages

July 21, 2009ByJames Leszczenski

The Facebook website has been translated into 64 languages and locales over the past 18 months, with many more in progress. And Facebook Connect has been implemented on some 15,000 sites, devices, and applications worldwide since its December, 2008, launch. Now we're officially extending internationalization to the Facebook Connect features on those sites.

Developers who've implemented Facebook Connect, including those who have installed social widgets like the Fan Box, now have the ability to decide in which language they want their Facebook Connect features rendered. For example, Bild, Germany's largest newspaper and a Facebook Connect site, implemented this feature and now their site and Facebook Connect features both appear in German, and their users can enjoy a seamless and consistent user experience.

When a user first connects to your site, or publishes something back to Facebook, the Facebook Connect content will appear in the language you specify. User-generated content continues to appear in the language in which it was written.

It's simple to implement. All you need to do is append the locale of your choice to the FeatureLoader script. For example, if your site is written in Spanish for a Latin American audience, you could choose to have Facebook Connect features appear in Spanish like this:


Do this wherever you reference the FeatureLoader script. Otherwise, Facebook Connect defaults to the en_US (English/United States) locale.

We look forward to hearing any comments or questions you might have in the Developer Forum. International developers, get started with Facebook Connect here.