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Introducing Our First Verified Apps

May 20, 2009ByMonica Mosseri

We are excited to announce our inaugural set of 120 Verified Apps to Facebook users! We opened the program to interested developers several months ago and have been overwhelmed by the positive response and passion of these early participants. Our Application Verification Program gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to providing trustworthy user experiences in your applications. Users of Verified Apps can feel confident that these applications strive to be transparent about how they work and respect social expectations between friends.

Users can easily find Verified Apps in our new Application Directory, which also launches today. As a Verified App, you'll benefit from the following:

  1. Badging in the Application Directory: Users will see a green "verified" check mark next to your application name wherever it is listed.
  2. Priority ranking in the Application Directory: When appropriate, Verified Apps will appear before any applications that have not been verified yet.
  3. Badging on your application profile: On this page, users will see the official "Facebook Verified App" graphic in the left column.
  4. Allocation boosts: You will also receive a two-bucket boost in both notification and requests allocations. You can see your application's allocation buckets on the Allocations tab on the Insights page. These allocations will continue to be subject to our algorithmic reputation system which looks at various metrics and user signals.
  5. Ad credits and discounts: You will receive $100 in credit to advertize with Facebook and discounts to Facebook events.

To help users discover well-designed and useful applications, our new Application Directory now also contains a "Featured by Facebook" section. This section will spotlight various Verified Apps, editorially selected by the Facebook team. We'll update this section on a regular basis to provide users with an additional channel to discover interesting applications.

We will continue to educate users about the power and value of social applications. Take a look at our first video which captures why friends make all the difference:

Facebook Platform continues to be open and available to any developer who wants to build applications without barriers to entry. The Application Verification Program gives you an additional option for engaging users. If you are interested in participating, navigate to your application in the Developer application, and click the Submit Application for Verification link.

If you have any questions, feel free to voice them in our forums. You can also read more details about the verification process and requirements on our Developer site.