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Extending Facebook Connect beyond the Web

March 16, 2009ByJosh Elman

The goal of Facebook Platform has always been to make the Web more social. As we have grown, the Web too has expanded to the desktop, and now to many different mobile devices and platforms throughout the world. By connecting your users, giving them the power to share, and the power to be more open, any software experience can become more social.

Facebook Connect has been the next evolution for us in giving you the ability to add social context by integrating identity, friends, and Feed into your experience. Now, with the all new Facebook stream and public profiles, you will be able to give more users the ability to connect and share with everything that they care about in real time.

Since we launched Facebook Connect last December, we’ve seen over 6,000 websites become more social. These sites can reach new users and build deeper engagement using the power of the social graph and social streams.

Just this weekend, Facebook Connect went one step further - off the Web and to your mobile. We introduced Facebook Connect for iPhone so that now your favorite iPhone apps can have friends, too. You can download the SDK, read the documentation, and watch a quick 5 minute video on how to get started now.

Since the launch of Facebook Connect for iPhone on Saturday, 10 Facebook Connect apps are already available in the App Store:

Facebook Connect for Desktop has seen amazing interest from products like Xobni for Outlook and Apple iPhoto. One month ago we released the all-new open Facebook Status API. Saturday, Seesmic launched Seesmic for Facebook, one of the first desktop client applications for Facebook Status.

Today, we’re happy to announce that Tweetdeck has launched full support for Facebook Status. This allows you to connect and share with your friends around Facebook Status directly from your desktop.

We are excited to see Facebook Connect going beyond the Web to even more software experiences no matter where they are. Share your comments with us on our Developer Forum. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.