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Facebook Connect and Apple’s iPhoto ’09

January 29, 2009ByDave Morin

At Facebook, we think that photos are one of the most powerful ways to connect and share with friends. Since 2005, Facebook Photos has given users a chance to share rich experiences with their friends who are on and off Facebook. Users upload and share over 700 million photos on Facebook each month.

We are excited that sharing your photos with the people you care about has become even easier with iLife ’09, Apple’s new suite of applications that includes iPhoto ’09. Users of iPhoto ’09 can easily share and tag photos from iPhoto directly to Facebook. With help from Facebook Connect, photo tags from iPhoto ’09 can be added to Facebook and generate Facebook notifications. Additionally, Mac users can update Facebook News Feed and alert friends anytime they update their websites using Apple’s iWeb ’09 application.

As we at Facebook work to make applications everywhere more social, desktop and mobile applications are integral parts for making the world a more connected place. The upcoming launch of Facebook Connect for Mobile and desktop implementations of Facebook Connect with software from other companies like Xobni are just some of the exciting ways the Facebook experience and power of the social graph are accessible to users both on and off the site.

We think this is just the tip of the iceberg. Over time the desktop will become more social and our friends will be with us to connect and share in more powerful ways. We look forward to seeing more photos than ever on Facebook.