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Check Out the New Developer Application Settings Editor

December 1, 2008ByBrent Goldman

We're always looking for ways to make developing Facebook Platform applications easier for you. Today we want to show you how we're improving the way you configure your application settings.

The application settings editor in the Developer application started off as a long list of fields. As we expanded the capabilities of Platform, adding new features such as Facebook Pages, profile tabs, the Publisher, and Facebook Connect, the editor became a bit more complex and unwieldy. We've heard from many developers, novice and veteran alike, that the editor could be made more user-friendly.

We've redesigned the application settings editor to help you create and configure your applications much more easily. We're launching it soon, and you'll be able to switch back and forth between the old and new editors for a period of time, much like how users could switch between the old and new profiles earlier this year.

Some new features include:

  • Grouping similar features together under relevant tabs and headings.
  • Simplifying the settings for who can use your application (Users and Facebook Pages each have one check box; there is no longer an option to limit Pages use to specific categories).
  • Renaming Developer Mode to Sandbox Mode.

Check out the preview of the Advanced tab of the new editor:

In the near future, we'll extend the new editor with more tabs for other features, such as Feed, the data store API, and translations. Keep an eye out on this blog and the Platform Status Feed for announcements.

If you have any feedback about the new editor, let us know in the Developer Forum.