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Measure More with New Application Metrics and Visualizations

August 7, 2008ByRay C. He

In response to your requests for more ways to better understand and visualize the performance of your applications on Facebook, today we are introducing a whole new set of metrics you can use to monitor user actions for your applications.

In the Insights area for your application, we’re adding a new Features tab to highlight aggregated statistics on user actions around specific features on Facebook. This tab displays total counts for user actions including canvas page views, clicks on profile boxes, confirmation of Feed forms, and, the adding and removing of bookmarks. To help you track trends in the data, a graph will show daily counts for the metrics and you can generate statistics for a specified date range.

We hope that this new tab will be a good start to help you visualize application growth, gauge user response, and ultimately build a better user experience. And, we expect these metrics to complement and help augment the great tools and analytics already provided by service providers in the Facebook ecosystem and to serve as foundational pieces of new, more powerful analytics tools for developers.

You can send us your feedback and ask questions in the Developer Forum.