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Try Out the New FBJS

January 30, 2009ByMarcel Laverdet

Today we are announcing a preview of a major update to FBJS. We're calling this FBJS2. We've completely rewritten FBJS from the ground-up to make it much more natural for Javascript developers - now you will be able to use more standard Javascript syntax and no longer be required to use proprietary function-based getters and setters. With FBJS2, old FBJS-specific code such as this.setStyle('display', 'block') can now be written with portable JavaScript as = 'block', for example.

We expect all of your original FBJS code to continue to work with the new FBJS2 libraries. We've created a new layer that implements all the original interfaces of FBJS under the context of FBJS2. If you are currently using FBJS, you should not need to make any changes to your applications to support this release. However, we still encourage you to port your applications to FBJS2 once it goes live to simplify your development using more standard Javascript syntax and for future benefits.

In the next 4-6 weeks, we plan to release FBJS2 to the live site, pending the feedback we receive. Once FBJS2 is live, it will replace the current version of FBJS. Again, you don't have to change your code at all, but we want you to make sure everything you have works correctly with the new version (i.e. we haven't broken anything standard or non-standard that used to work). We have done rigorous testing on this already, but we strongly encourage you to test your applications in the FBJS2 sandbox as well to ensure that they will continue to work and highlight any bugs to us.

To view the sandbox, visit Simply go to your application and it will be running under FBJS2.

Please submit all bugs to the FBJS2 category at Please share your thoughts, questions and feedback in our FBJS Forums.