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How To: Share to Facebook Feed with Facebook Connect in 10 Minutes

January 6, 2009ByDave Morin

Integrating Facebook Connect into your website to add social context is a quick and easy development process involving a few key features. In the first video in our Facebook Connect series we showed you how to add Facebook Connect authentication and identity into your site in 8 minutes.

In this video, engineers from the Facebook Connect team - Ronnie Cheng and Luke Shepard - show you how to give your users the power to share through Facebook Connect by integrating social distribution to Facebook Feed. In 10 minutes, we walk you step by step through adding publishing to Feed, creating Feed templates and bundles, and designing Feed stories for the best user experience.

You can view the video full size. And be sure to check out full documentation on how to integration Facebook Feed as a part of Facebook Connect.

Happy New Year and here's to a more social Web!