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Application Verification Program - Frequently Asked Questions

November 18, 2008BySandra Liu Huang

Since we announced our Application Verification Program yesterday, we've received quite a few questions about how it works and how it can benefit you as a developer. We really appreciate all of your feedback and wanted to give you some answers and clarification:

Do I need to be verified to run on Facebook Platform?

No. Facebook Platform continues to be open and available to any developer who wants to build applications without barriers to entry. Simply build your app and launch it. Developers are able to leverage our tools to integrate within Facebook or outside, through Facebook Connect.

The Application Verification Program is an optional program for developers interested in building long-term businesses that encourage users to engage with their applications and that receive increased access to Facebook's communication channels. We expect the initial waves of verified applications to number in the hundreds.

Why are we launching our verification program?

We believe the badging of verified applications will encourage users who might have been hesitant before to now try these applications. Since we will have vetted verified applications, users will get a good experience and be more open to trying other applications. Verification will help foster and support a healthy long-term Platform ecosystem.

What are the benefits of verification?

The benefits of verified applications include:

  • Increased visibility through boosts in allocations for communication channels such as notifications and requests. Note that our application reputation system will still work for verified applications to ensure that these applications continue to send high quality communications.
  • User badging to highlight these applications to users in the Application Directory and other places on Facebook.
  • Special offers including $100 in Facebook advertising credit and discounts to events like our f8 developer conference.

Why are we charging for the program?

The fee -- $375 standard and $175 for students and non-profits -- is intended to cover some of the costs associated to the detailed verification review. Due to the detail of our review, we are unable to verify every single application, so the fee gives developers who are interested in building a long-term business a way to participate.

Given the flexibility we offer developers to monetize as they can across the Web at large, we believe the fee is a relatively small investment in the context of the benefits -- increased allocations in our communication channels, badging, advertising credits, and discounts to events.

Why does the fee cover 12-months of verification?

Due to the rapid innovation and change in applications, it is important that we periodically review the application to ensure that it continues to meet the criteria of verification. We are open to evaluating our actual costs for re-verification and consider lowering the fee as appropriate.

For more information, follow our FAQ, which we'll update as we get new questions.