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New Feed Template Console

November 6, 2008ByMark Tonkelowitz

The Feed system is the primary mechanism for sharing information about the actions users take within your application. Feed stories can be published in several different sizes, offering users multiple ways to express themselves. The recent introduction of action links has made it easier than ever to increase user engagement with your application through Feed.

Today we're introducing a revamped Feed Template Console to improve the process of registering a Feed template bundle for your application. The new console offers a wizard-like interface to streamline building, previewing, and validating each type of Feed story that you can publish. It offers additional guidance around the creation and manipulation of the special tokens that really make your Feed stories stand out.

One exciting feature the new wizard introduces is the ability to add an action link and preview its effect on your Feed stories!

We look forward to the great Feed stories you'll create with the Feed Template Console. As always, keep sending us your feedback in the Developer Forum.