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The New Profile: Full Rollout Is Coming

September 4, 2008ByJosh Elman

Over these past few weeks and months you've been able to see how your applications work on the new profile and how users are integrating them into their profiles. Over 30 million people have checked out the new profile, and many are using it as their profile full time. We're nearing the time where we'll switch over remaining users by default. We expect most of this to take place over the next week.

We're excited by the feedback we've received from users and developers. We're especially excited by the ways in which your applications are integrating the new features and experiences.

Based on some of this feedback, we're working on one more interesting feature to help make your applications more easily accessible to your users. We'll provide more details as we finalize the design, but it won't require any changes on your end.

Throughout the next week, we'll actively migrate all our users to the new profile. This will happen by default rather than on an opt-in basis. Shortly thereafter, the old Facebook profile will no longer be available to anyone.

Finally, one week after all users are on the new profile and all session migration changes will be complete, the new session key model will take effect for your applications.

Please continue to send us any feedback and share your thoughts with the community in the Developer forum.