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Integrating Events into Your Applications

August 12, 2008ByNathaniel Tucker

We’ve just released some changes to the API that allow your applications to integrate with Facebook's Events application. These new API calls allow applications to create, modify, and cancel events, as well as submit a user's RSVP to any event that the application created.

With an active session and the appropriate extended permissions, your application can manage your users' schedules for any events created through your application. These events appear on their profiles alongside all their other events, so they can easily keep track of what's coming up as well as invite more friends. Applications that could take advantage of this include those that manage personal events and those that host events. We're sure you'll come up with a lot more ideas!

For applications that already have events associated with them, like concert or class applications, now you can easily create and manage events that appear on Facebook, and your users can easily RSVP to these events from within the application. Stories about these events appear in the News Feeds of the friends of the attendee, and the person attending can invite  more friends after RSVPing.  In this case, you won't need an active session to create events, since they're associated with the application, and not the user. However, you'll still need an extended permission and active session so a user can RSVP to these events.

We updated events.get and events.getMembers to include this sessionless use case; they will return events created by the application without a session.

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