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New Profile Design Beta Launching to Users Next Week

July 7, 2008ByPete Bratach

We're getting close to launching the new profile design to our users, and we wanted to give you a heads up to make sure your applications will be fully ready by the launch.

Users can start exploring the new profile during the week of July 14. They can begin to opt in and view the entire new site as a beta, similar to today's sandbox, only with all pages available, including the home page, and all the features you'd expect to see, such as News Feed, application invites, and notifications.

We encourage you to have your applications well-tested and ready for the new profile ahead of this date. You can review all the new features on the Developers Wiki, as well as the changes we're making to existing Platform components.

We'd also like to call out three changes we recommend you have ready next week, since users that choose to try out the new site will have their profiles migrated when they first visit the site:

  • You should start using require_login instead of require_add.
  • You should start accounting for the changes to user sessions.
  • If you plan to specify new profile boxes for the main profile section (the Wall and Info tabs), start using the profile_main attribute when you call profile.setFBML.

Early next week, we'll post more answers to FAQs and share the new policies around the new profile design.

Contacting Us

We continue to want to hear from you about the new design and your experiences trying it out. Please report any bugs you see in the new design. Make sure you use the New Profile category. You can help us solve your issue faster by adding one of the following components to your report: Feed, Info Sections, Profile Boxes, Publisher, and Tabs.

You can send us your feedback and ask questions in the New Profile and Related Changes section of the Developer Forum.