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The Sandbox for the New Profile Design Is Now Open

May 23, 2008ByPete Bratach

As we promised recently, we've opened up our beta sandbox for the new profile design. You should have enough time to test the new design with your applications before we launch it to our users next month.

We believe that the new design makes profiles cleaner and simpler, gives users more control over their profiles, and emphasizes recent and relevant information. We hope that as you try out the new application integration points, you'll start thinking of ways you can engage your users more meaningfully. We expect applications that engage users with rich content and great experiences will thrive with the new design.

We'll be announcing several related changes over the next few days. Plus we'll be giving you greater insight into the various integration points and user migration details, so stay tuned to this blog for more details.

Accessing the Sandbox

The sandbox is located at

To start testing, you need to download the new version of the Facebook PHP client library. It's available from

If you want to take the new design out for a test drive before changing your own applications, you can tinker with the MySmiley application that we developed. With it you can test all the new integration points (like create different-sized Feed stories, use the Publisher to create Feed content, add an application info section, place a box on the Boxes tab or left column, and create a custom application tab). You can use the test application at and view the application source code at

Remember this is a beta sandbox for the new profile only, so some features are not necessarily enabled and others are still in flux. So you should expect some changes from what you see right now before this goes live. However, the features that are relatively stable and ready to test, explore, and comment on are the specific APIs and integration points, including:

  • New Feed story sizes and types – including the template bundles
  • Adding application tabs, and how application tabs function
  • Publisher integration
  • Setting up the new “main profile section” and adding those to profiles
  • Application info sections

You can check the status of known issues and changes in the sandbox on the Facebook Developers Wiki.

Contacting Us

As we near the date when we launch the profile to our users, we want to hear from you about the new design and your experiences trying it out. Please report any bugs you see in the new design. Make sure you use the New Profile category. You can help us solve your issue faster by adding one of the following components to your report: Feed, Info Sections, Profile Boxes, Publisher, and Tabs.

You can send us your feedback and ask questions in the New Profile section of the Developer Forum.