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An Update on the State of the Profile Redesign

April 11, 2008ByPete Bratach

As you have probably noticed by now, we are not launching the updated Facebook profile in early April, as we mentioned earlier. But we thought we'd take this time to give you an update as to where things stand, and what's been going on these past few weeks.

Recently we've reached out to the developer community by holding two roundtable events and conducting a survey of the Facebook Developer website. We've also been taking into consideration the feedback we've received at the address.

Since then, we've been reviewing your comments and incorporating your feedback constructively wherever appropriate.

Some other things we want to communicate. The new profile design will be released later this spring. We're still iterating on the design, making sure we get it right. We'll still continue to roll out improvements to Platform as well. And rest assured, we will give you a period of time so you can update your applications before the profile is released to our users.

Keep watching this space for updates, and please, keep sending us your feedback and questions to Put [new profile] in the subject line.