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Stay Informed with Facebook Graph API and Marketing API Updates

December 18, 2018ByReese Woodard

If you're a developer who uses the Facebook Graph API or Marketing API, you can enable email notifications to the developer blog to stay informed about the latest tips and upcoming changes to the APIs.

How to Enable

  • Navigate to the Developer Settings page.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and expand the Blogs & Docs section:
  • Choose the subscriptions you'd like and enable them using the drop-down menu:

Subscription Types

  • Blog Posts: Every blog post, delivered to your email shortly after publication.
  • Blog Digests: A weekly recap of all recent blog posts.
  • Breaking Changes: Blog posts about upcoming breaking changes, delivered shortly after publication.

You can choose as many of these emails as you'd like to receive. Keep in mind, multiple subscriptions to the same blog (e.g. Marketing API Blog Posts and Marketing API Blog Digests) will result in some duplicated content.

Learn more about Developer Settings and how you can edit your account details, change your email, notifications, sample app, and documentation settings.