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Offer Ads API

February 9, 2017ByPreston Lin

Today, we announced a new version of Offers that has been improved to accommodate advertiser and consumer demands. Advertisers have more flexibility and scalability when creating offers, and consumers can now more easily claim, manage and redeem offers.

Developers can use Marketing APIs to programatically create and manage Offer Ad campaigns. Creating an offer ad is easy: just provide some offer details, then define your audience and budget just as you would other Facebook ads.

There are two parts of an offer ad: offer is where you add the offer details and promotion rules and ad creative link data is where you turn your offer into an ad. You create an offer ad by including the offer into ads with link_data in object_story_spec.

Code Example to Create an Offer

curl \
  -F 'location_type=online' \
  -F 'discounts=[ 
      "type": "percentage_off", 
      "text": "the text description for this offer", 
      "value1": 20 
      "text":"the text description for this offer"
  ]' \
  -F 'redemption_link=<OFFER_URL>' \
  -F 'redemption_code=happysummer2016' \
  -F 'details=the details for this specific offer' \
  -F 'expiration_time=1473383722' \
  -F 'access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>' \<PAGE_ID>/nativeoffers

You can learn more about how to create offer ads using API through the Offer Ad Developers Guide: Offer Ad Developer Guide


Q: How are new Offers improved?
They are easier to create and redeem and you can now measure offer conversions and claims. Consumers now go directly to a business’ website to claim an offer and can scan a barcode from their phone to redeem offers in stores. People who redeem offers also receive Facebook notifications before their offers expire.

Q: Can I delete or update a Offers?
No, offers can’t be edited or deleted. This is to make sure people who already claimed the offer can still use it. However, just like other Facebook ads, you can stop any active offer ad campaigns.

Q: Can I still use offer_data in the object_story_spec?
We will deprecate old offers and related ad components soon. See the updated updated Offer Ads Developer Guide to create offer ads.

Q: Can I use other creative data type such as video_data in the object_story_spec?
Yes. Starting from January 2017, you can use video_data to create offer ads with videos. In the video_data, you will need to include offer id to inject the offer.